Book Title: Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy

Subtitle: Mansfield Park Continuation, Episode 1

Author: Leenie Brown

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Book Description: Having chased pleasure for pleasure's sake and having found its treasure chest filled with only sorrow and regret, Henry Crawford has vowed to change his ways and prove himself worthy of the love of a good woman. However, wishing to change and actually accomplishing it are two very different things.

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Henry Crawford has failed to secure the heart of a good woman before ─ and quite spectacularly so! There are few in town who have not heard of his scandalous affair.  While his debacle might have proven great fodder for the gossips, it has left him with a shattered heart and a deep desire to change his ways.

However, change is never easy.

Old habits can die hard, and some friends may wish to see you say as you always were.  Thankfully for Henry, there are others, such as Trefor Linton, who will wish to help and will offer his sister as a dance partner to help Henry ease his way into society.

While most girls her age dream of a rich and handsome husband, Constance Linton is looking for more.  She wishes for an intelligent gentleman of good character who is not opposed to a bookish lady. But sifting through the dross in a ballroom in search of such a man is no easy task.

A gentleman with Henry’s reputation is not the sort of man for whom Constance seeks, yet she is not opposed to lending him her aid in achieving his desires.

What begins as a single dance will grow into a collaboration that will equip Henry with all he needs to win a woman of worth while entangling hearts and leaving not only his own heart and reputation but also that of his friend and tutor at risk of being irreparably damaged.

Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy is part of Leenie Brown’s Other Pens Collection of books that pick up the storytelling pen where Jane Austen put it down. If you like well-written stories of sweet redemption, then you will love this story of facing the challenges that reformation can bring and discovering the pleasure that only deep, abiding love can provide.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy, and let this sweet romance inspire a hope that even the most reprobate heart can, with care and determination, be transformed into that of a worthy gentleman.


Leenie Brown


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Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy
Leenie Brown

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